vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

It's still summer, but the weather decides to make it fall

So I've spent my Tuesday and Wednesday in Antwerp (Belgium). I went there for several reasons: 1) to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of me and my boyfriend 2) to shop! 3) to visit the Antwerp Zoo. Two reasons really worked out well. Unfortunately, reason 3 didn't. Wednesday was super rainy in Antwerp and we had our romantic time under a huge umbrella while shopping. We both scored a new pair of sneakers (which we needed ASAP!). 
Antwerp is a better city to shop than Amsterdam. The city and the stores look more neat than those of Amsterdam. Here are a few stores we've visited: 1) Urban Outfitters, we don't have such a store in Amsterdam. But there is one under construction! 2) Forever 21, I still do not like that store. I'm never able to find anything interesting there. Don't hate me now! 3) Brandy Melville, this Brandy Melville has two floors and has way more room than the one in Amsterdam. This one is perfect! 4) Avenue and Lockwood, these two stores are like Ben-G and Patta. Really nice stores, filled with a bunch of sneakers. As you can guess, we scored our sneakers at those stores. Our next stop is Paris! 

I'm not done yet!  I felt like showing you guys what I bought in Antwerp. I told myself to buy items for the fall/winter. But you will see, that some items are still made for the summer. *sigh* I wish summer could stay, but our weather already calls for fall.

On the pictures: dragon necklace from Zara, blue mini skirt from Brandy Melville, black crop top from Brandy Melville, easy high-waisted denim jeans from American Apparel, high-waisted melon shorts from American Apparel, red camo roshe Nikes from Avenue.


Stay curious!

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