zaterdag 23 november 2013

Lazy Saturdays

Goodevening everyone. I swear I did not mean to waste my day playing Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, I did. Don't be afraid, luckily I can outsmart the addicting, lovely, funky online game. So this Saturday still has a happy ending, finishing my math. I'm not great at math at all, not even close to good or moderate. No, I am terrible at it. I'm ending my Saturday with closing the books and listening to some music.

I'm going to change my shopping habit and start shopping less. Though, the internet brings all kinds of flavours for my restless eyes. And I felt like sharing the random flavours of tonight.

 The pictures were found on Tumblr.

Stay curious!

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zondag 3 november 2013

I'm hungry

I've been studying all day. It has also been raining all day. I guess this day was meant to be for studying. When I don't feel like studying anymore, I just play Pokémon. Tuesday is my birthday, I can't wait for the birthday cake. I'm already hungry for it!

BANKS has been non stop playing on replay on my stereo. Her soothing voice and choice of music is just great for every mood. I alternate BANKS with Childish Gambino and Ta-ku's remixes. I posted some music, if you'd like to listen I'd suggest you scrolling down! Also my obsession with pugs keeps growing. Anyway, I'll jump back into my books and study, study, study. 

Wearing: Unif jumper from Urban Outfitters, Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes cut-out boots, cut-out top from Nastygal.

Stay curious!

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