vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Floral legs and oversized pugs

Hi guys! I shot the pictures of my outfit Tuesday, but I'll just post them now before I forget to post them ever. I heavily dislike leggings (yet I own a few, because they're pretty), so I tried to style my favorite pair. I styled it with a crop top and a black cardigan. I like wearing something over my butt when I wear a legging, so that's what the cardigan is for! My lovely boyfriend came over that day and he asked me to shoot him. 
Wednesday was a surprising day. You know that lovely feeling when the mailman brings you your package with cute new bought stuff! So, what is in my mail? Two new sweaters! I'm already preparing for fall and winter..

Wearing: crop top from Asos, floral mesh legging from Nastygal, white Dr. Martens and black cardigan from local stores.

Hanging: peach colored sweater from Nastygal, tie dye cut-out sweater from Nastygal.

Shot my boyfriend. :3

And I also gave myself a little present. 

Stay curious!

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