woensdag 11 december 2013

Laundry hauling!

Hello, hello. I haven't posted for a while. It's hard to make good use of your time. But yesterday I finally got time to shoot all my new-new. Last month I couldn't stop ordering clothes from Nasty Gal. There were too many awesome sales going on and yes, they are still going on! I can't link any items to the site, because everything I've bought is sold out already. I'm still eyeing a few products on the site, I'll just sit back and wait untill there will be a lovely discount on it.

Since I'm shooting my clothing at the laundry side of the floor I felt like naming this post "laundry hauling", I might stick with that. Enjoy!

I'm wearing these jeans right now. It is a great denim piece in my closet for two reasons: 1) It is high-waisted 2) It has an adorable ombre effect. It's not the average high-waisted jeans, which makes it more interesting to wear.

I've had been eyeing this dress since the summer and I wanted to wear if for my birthday, so I did! It is a long sleeved black dress with a chiffon high-low bottom. I think it will also be suitable for the casual fits with a pair of chunky boots.

This badass UNIF moto jacket has also been on my list since the summer. It was already on sale, but last month the sale was at its top! The jacket was only 35, the original price was something around 180. Have patience and you will be rewarded! I can't wait to wear it for the less winter-ish days.

This is a somewhat strange piece. I expected it to be pants, but they turned out to be more legging alike. So, for a legging it will be suitable with a black oversized sweater. The silver snake-skin print makes it look a little festive, so I might wear this on a Christmas day!

I don't think I have enough sweaters for this winter, so I also got this ombre shoulder-spiked sweater. It's really soft and easy to wear.

And this is the last item, one of the most interesting ones. This is a black/blue-ish see-through anorak. It will look really awesome with short sleeved shirt for in the spring. 

Stay curious!

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