maandag 28 oktober 2013

Abnormal dressed student

Hey everyone! It is Monday, am I supposed to be sad now? I don't understand why Mondays are considered the worst day of the week. You could also just consider Mondays as a new week full of challenges and adventures. Now I wouldn't consider myself so optimistic, but at least I am trying! 

That backpack is actually filled with books that I need today. So if you are curious I have chemistry, Spanish, English and informatics on my schedule today in that particular order. Enjoy your Monday fellas!

Okay, what you just read in italic is what I wrote this morning. I hadn't had the time to finish my post this morning and some events happened today so I wanted to rewrite it. 

I take every optimistic thing I said this morning back. Today was a horrible Monday! First of all the weather is the opposite of terrific. It's dangerously windy. During my bike ride to school I had to avoid falling branches of the trees. One lucky thing I had the wind in my back. Arriving in my first class I found out I forgot some books. I can't study without books. When lunch-break started the fire alarm rang. It was just a fire drill. So my lunch-break was ruined and I had to stand outside in the windy-thingy and it was pretty cold too. Wait, I'm not done yet. I also had the schoolpicture. That's all for today folks. Enjoy your Monday.

Wearing: sweater from H&M, legging from Nastygal (similar on 2020ave, Y.R.U. platform boots from Gypsywarrior, Herschel backpack from Freshcotton (also available on UO).

Stay curious!

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