zaterdag 14 september 2013

Boots & Beanies

Well, hello there. I haven't been busy with the blog for a little while for one reason. The pile of books and homework became bigger and bigger and today I felt like having a little break. Also the pile of untidy clothes grew. So today I got rid of the untidy clothes and the pile of homework. Now I have time for a little blog post!

There were two things of that were missing in my wardrobe: 1) beanies 2) boots. But last week I finally found an easy-weasy beanie in black and I've also found the boots that idressmyselff has. I haven't had boots for a very long time because I just disliked them in the strangest way. But when I saw those I fell in love. So here's a post dedicated to missing stuff in my wardrobe.

Wearing: beanie from Topshop (Actually it's from Topman, I snatched it from the men's department),  sweater from H&M (Also from the men's department), skirt from Brandy Melville, boots from H&M.

Stay curious!

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