maandag 29 juli 2013

Give me platforms!

During booking a cute hotel in Antwerp, I found myself scrolling over my favorite webshops again. For your information, find me in Antwerp the 6th of August! I'm staying there to visit the shops and probably the Antwerp Zoo. Anyway, back to the topic. Black leather platforms!

I'll explain my love for each shoe from the upper shoe to the undermost.
1. The oh so eye-catching Hellbounds! These killer platforms are from Unif. I've had my eyes on them for months. The reason why I haven't bought them yet is because of the price. I'll wait for the day till I can afford them.
2. These shoes are actually for men. They're called the Deathtrap and they are from Monster. Honestly, the way those spikes are placed IN the platform makes them super rad. I'm not sure if I would buy them (they do have my size (I have little men feet)). But I totally like the way they look. A shoe that is consisting of all awesomeness!
3. I thought that these shoes are really adorable and simple. The shoe will fit with almost every outfit and it also gives an elegant look. These shoes are from Gypsy Warrior.
4. These shoes are boots and cut-outs in one! I'd love to wear these under a pair of shorts or a colorful skater skirt. The shoes are called Azalea Boots and they're from Black Kitten. They look so neat and easy to wear. I also like the heel height. Because it does have a heel which I like, but it's not high which makes it perfect.
5. Good. What can I say about this shoe? The shoe itself explains everything already. PARTY! I'm not going to waste any words on these. The Icy from Jeffrey Campbell
6. I've wanted these shoes for a really long time now. Not because they are seriously rad, but also because they're affordable and because it's a simple way to make you look tall. These shoes are also available in white. And yes, they are fucking awesome in all ways. The glorious Qozmo from Y.R.U. I don't have these shoes (YET) because my boyfriend finds it really retarded. But why would I listen to him?


Stay curious!

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